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Jazz Studies Program

The Girardi Music Studio is truly unique in that we offer advanced jazz education classes. With university faculty members on staff GMS is currently offering the following classes for the aspiring jazz student!

1. Jazz guitar harmony, altered chords, polychords (Girardi)

An in depth look at jazz chord construction, theory and  practical application. The course starts with dominant 7th chords and all their permutations leading to the usage of polychords.

2. Modal Improvisation (Girardi)

A specific improvisational overview of the modes and their applications in chord progressions.

3. Playing over chord changes and key modulations  (Girardi)

An introduction to improvising over traditional chord changes and understanding the harmonic language of jazz.   

4. Improvising over jazz standards (Girardi)

Three classic jazz standards will be discussed, explained with a variety of approaches from traditional to the avant-garde.

5. Theory and Composition 1 (Girardi)

Introduction to composing using specific techniques pertaining to good melodic construction and harmonic development.

Jazz courses are six weeks in duration, meeting once a week for 60 minutes. There are prerequisites to register for each class, contact the studio for proper placement. Each class will have a maximum of 5 students per class.

The course fee is $225

Call for information about the time and date of each course.

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