"I'd like u all to know that Steve Girardi is responsible for all my luscious riffs, thanks Steve u are truly one of the great ones"          Mihali Savoulidis


Mihali Savoulidis, guitarist, vocalist and composer for the incredible Vermont based band Twiddle!

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Brad Marullo, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Brad comes from a tight, Italian-American family, has had the same core group of friends since he was a boy, and he loves music and art. Brad would seek a career in music and teaching after graduating from American University in Washington D.C. He has had the privilege of studying alongside guitar great Steve Girardi in Summit and in Madison.  He currently residues in West New York, New Jersey and teaches instrumental music to 4th and 5th graders in the Morris School District.  He is a musician and a teacher who appreciates the present moment. If he had a life motto it would be "pay it forward" because in life, he believes people "reap what you sow." This thought is passed on to his students and fuels the creative energy and guitar playing heard in the SteppingSTONE Band. 

Over the 25 years of teaching at the Summit Music Studio and now at the Girardi Music Studio, many talented students have chosen to develop their musical skills here. This is a small list of the truly exceptional  students of Steve Girardi that are performing and working as professional musicians throughout the world...

Quincas Moreira is a composer, producer and multi instrumentalist from Brazil, educated in the US and currently living in Mexico.  After studying harmony, bass, piano and guitar at Steve's Summit Music Studio, he went on to Study Studio Music and Jazz at the Foster School of Music at the University of Miami and subsequently Contemporary Improvisation at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.  After School Quincas returned to Brasil where he began working as a producer and engineer at a major commercial studio, YBMusic in São Paulo, where he produced music and sound design for countless high profile television commercials.  During that time he also played and recorded with many well known Brazilian acts, even going on two European summer tours. He's also co-produced some of the most important albums in Brazilian Hip Hop, done remixes, mixed and mastered albums by people like the Brazilian Jazz great Heraldo do Monte and Regional Jazz Rock band Lacertae.  Now, in Mexico, Quincas teaches ProTools, Principles of Sound and Composition at the Academia de Arte de Florencia.  However his true focus has become the pursuit of new forms of artistic expression with sound through building analog modular synthesizers, which he also teaches and gives conferences and workshops on.

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Quincas Moreira, composer, producer and multi instrumentalist from Brazil

CJ Colandrea is a Nashville based pedal steel player where he performs as a touring musician, session player, arranger and producer. He’s established himself as one of the youngest up and coming pedal steel players in country music, studying under the tutelage of the legendary Doug Jernigan, one of the top pedal steel players in the world.
CJ has performed at the CMA Festival, the Americana Music Festival, the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival and is a regular at the 5 Spot, 3rd and Lindsley, 12th & Porter and also the Mercury Lounge, all in Nashville. He’s also has played at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta and the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.
He began his guitar studies at 10 years of age with Steve Girardi. His collaboration with Steve became the foundation of CJ’s musical training in jazz guitar from which he launched his career as a professional guitarist. CJ also studied music at Clemson University.
“Learning the Sandole method from Steve and the correct way to approach the guitar at a young age was the key to my success as a musician, especially in Nashville,” according to CJ. “While Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” is challenging to play on the guitar, it is that much more difficult on the pedal steel,” he said. “But I have been able to accomplish it,” he concluded.

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CJ Colandrea, pedal steel guitarist

Brad Marullo, guitarist